Lipp’s Mallee Gypsum is renowned for providing high quality Gypsum, backed by a prompt and reliable delivery and spreading service throughout New South Wales and Victoria.
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Why is Lipp’s Mallee Gypsum’s quality is guaranteed

At Lipp’s Mallee Gypsum, we mine and screen our own Gypsum from natural deposits, and conduct several analyses during the excavation to ensure top quality is maintained. To ensure that we achieve a Grade 1 product with a purity of around 85% Gypsum, we ensure that it contains a minimum 15% Sulphur and 19% Calcium. That means that when you buy Mallee Gypsum, you know you’re getting the highest quality product possible.

Lipp’s Mallee Gypsum can combine our Grade 1 gypsum with chicken manure to create a unique, easy to spread, natural product which provides organic matter, nutrients and gypsum. That means that you can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality product possible for your annual pastures, summer pastures, cropping horticulture or the home garden.

Gypsum Delivery, Spreading and Customer Service

With Lipp’s Mallee Gypsum Supplies, not only are you getting a high quality Grade 1 product, you also benefit from our prompt and reliable delivery and spreading service. We can deliver and spread your Gypsum direct on to the farm or if you prefer you can pick up bulk direct from the pit. Either way you can be guaranteed of quality product and prompt, efficient and friendly customer service.