Since 1984 the Lipp family has produced and provided high quality salt for agriculture and industry throughout Victoria and New South Wales as well as a reliable delivery service of salt to its clients.

Producing Quality Salt at Dartagook

Dartagook Salt has several crystaliser lined ponds, which are filled with salt water from the main lake and harvested by excavator – not only is this an environmentally better way to produce and control the quantity and quality of salt, it means the salt can be harvested more frequently, so you can purchase salt all year round, whenever you need it.

Packaging and Delivery of Product To Suit You

Whether you’re a tannery needing salt to cure hides and skins or a farmer needing good quality salt to mix with your livestock feed or just a bag to put in your swimming pool, Dartagook Salt can supply and deliver salt in 25kg or 40kg bags, 1 tonne bulk bags, bins or bulk to suit your specific requirements.